The purpose of the ACC is to promote and ensure a high level of quality, harmony and conformity throughout the neighborhood. The ACC reviews homeowners’ modification requests by using the rules set forth in the Association’s Bylaws and the ACC Design & Development Guideline. Any improvements made must be aesthetically pleasing. They should maintain, or enhance, the value of the home (which, in turn, maintains homeowner values for the community). The primary responsibilities of the ACC are to:

  •  Continually review and provide approval decisions on homeowner plans submitted for exterior improvements.
  •  Give a timely response to the homeowner in writing. The ACC must respond to homeowners within 30 days of submission.
  • Monitor and report any suspected infractions of the ACC Design & Development Guideline. Any suspected infractions are to be sent directly to the Association office.
  • Report activities to, and work at the direction of, the HOA Board of Directors.

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for approving and documenting all alterations and improvements to the exterior of the units and the lot the unit is located on, including window treatments that are visible from the outside, and deck, balcony and patio issues. The ACC is primarily concerned with exterior aesthetics. Following is a chart of the kinds of issues that the ACC would regulate:

structure design
structure Location
structure height
window replacement
paint colors
roofing materials
parking areas or driveways
plants & trees
exterior lighting
satellite dish-solar panel

Separate Approvals. Because an Association’s Architectural Control Committee and the city/county building departments are separate jurisdictions, an owner must get separate approval from each agency/department. In other words, obtaining a building permit from the city does not confer approval by the Association. An owner must separately submit plans to and receive approval from the Association and vice versa.

All proposed changes to the exterior of a dwelling or lot (bushes/trees, gardens, buildings, fences, walls or other structures, or major alterations, additions, or improvements, including roof, siding & windows) that will affect the aesthetic features and characteristics of the community must be submitted for approval to the Architectural Control Committee before making any changes.

Committee Members:

Sherry Proulx (Board Representative)
Larry Boyd (Chairperson)
Lori Benedict
Thomas Gaertner
Dianna Morand
Karl Dittfeld

Forms are available below or at the office.
Please include a site plan.

Architectural Control Forms:

ACC Request Form (2 pages, print both)
ACC Snow Fence Request Form
ACC Design and Development Guideline
ACC Realtor “For Sale” Sign Guidelines
ACC Residence “For Sale” Sign Guidelines


Meetings are held 10:00 AM on the second and fourth Thursday every month from
May – September.

Meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month only from
October – April.


Requests must be submitted to the office by
the Friday prior to the upcoming meeting week.
Forms are available on the website or at the office.
Please include a site plan.

Villages Fourplex Units with Garages on Right Site Plan
Villages Fourplex Units with Garages on Left Site Plan
Villages 10000 Area Home with Garage on Right Site Plan
Villages 10000 Area Home with Garage on Left Site Plan
Villages 9000 Area Duplex Site Plan
Villages 9000 Area Duplex without Garage Site Plan
Villages 8000 Area Duplex Site Plan